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iP Telephony

Innovations offers professional IP Telephony solutions for your business communication. Our company solutions are scale-able, secure and developed. To make a company marketing successful cannot afford to have limited communication. Being able to communicate cost-effectively with each other is an important factor to remain competitive and should be one essential criterion when choosing a modern telephone system. Our company communication solutions are secure and offer unlimited possibilities, anytime and anywhere.

The benefits of IP Telephony

  • It reduces the cost for the handset itself is relatively cheap
  • Reduces the complexity of phone calling.
  • Has many features available – for mobile phone integration, and extension mobility as well as self-service administration to achieve greater efficiency, availability and productivity
  • Consistent communication platform all the employees
  • You can retain existing business telephone numbers
  • Shared and unified messaging so that no calls are missed

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"Our company has created new website in 2017. The website developed by Bete Software Solutions, www.shebaleather.com, is very clean, easy to navigate and update.Moreover the website is dynamic and highly influenced by professional expertise so that it can appear at top by Google, Yahoo, Linked in etc."

Deputy Manager

"Bete software solutions has developed website for Hajuta Trading PLC. The project includes website design, development, website management training and also search engine optimization.The team was on time supportive, and professionals. We are satisfied with the result.

We appreciate Bete Software Solutions for the determination they put for the success of online marketing and the keenness they show throughout all phases of the project."

                                  General Manager

"We just wanted to say thank you for the great job on our website. We love the way it works and the way it looks. We can’t say enough positive things about them and our experience."

General Manager

"This is to confirm that Total Ethiopia S.C is working with Bethelhem Mesfin Software Design and Development works to get professional service related to website layout, follow up, update & publishing works on face book and twitter to communicate and promote Total products, services & social responsibility endeavors."

            Sales & Marketing  Manager
                      Chiristophe FERRAND

Hotel Website Design and Development

Hotel Website Design and Development

"Monarch Hotel would like to recommend Bethelhem Mesfin as a Website Developer. Bethelhem Mesfin has done a very good job creating our company website. The website that she created for us is very clean , easy to navigate and very professional."

                                Yonatan Mulugeta

"After a proven service of recovering our website from attack and server damage from multiple malware infections and defacing, Bethelhem mesfin is working an an external consultant on our website ConstructionAddis.com"

                                        Asamn Teklu

                              General Manager

"We needed a reliable designer to offer us best website for our company (Tour Operation) and had been looking for someone to provide us with complete overhaul of the site and we meet Bethelhem by recommendation of colleagues and impressed by what she had to say about what could be done for our new website outlets.

We were guided well in our choices by her what would work well on the internet and an innovative design for the website. And we were very pleased with the results."

Abel Getachew

General Manager